Saturday, July 21, 2012

Women Vote Now

     A woman's right to vote just may have changed the world.  Battles...Wars...raised from hell and savagely fought for God or honor,  or perhaps from sheer boredom. Men battles. Real men. Macho men . Testosterone influenced instincts driving them to conquer and control, provide and prosper....persue and lead.

   Women vote now.  Bathed in maternal instincts which make them seek for their children and families.  To nest.  To relax.  Either they chose to free themselves from the obvious oppression,  or men began to understand their value in a fast-changing world capable of destroying itself.
      We are no longer free to reign and conquer. Perhaps the idea was always just a fantasy propagated by women who were really always in control anyway. Females  , whose concerns about safety and security may have pulled us from the brink of destruction, and maybe even extinction. Or perhaps they have   lulled us all into  a  false Eden,....  voting trade our  freedom for a false sense of security.
 Somehow, they have controlled us from an apples first bite. They control birth and our progeny. They have castrated us from the only thing that ever gave our lives true conquer and wage war!    Perhaps one day, there will be an ultimate clash between the sexes,.......A "War of All Wars",......and it will be male against female....balls versus bosoms.....with the weight of gays determining the outcome....