Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Pseudo Superman

Clean energy!   Windmills !  Solar Panels!  Electric cars!  Long-lasting rechargeable batteries!
 Big league Wall Street investors  have already anticipated the trend....and have placed their bets!  Rechargeable batteries and the electric motor  will  REPLACE  the internal combustion engine.

Waiting in the wings....with coal-fired and fossil fueled power plants ...are the profit- eager electric companies.  Plugging in your Tesla, Prius, or Chevy Volt might just feel joyously  painless! .....until you get your electric bill!

That electricity is not free!  And,  though you have endowed yourself  with your own personal pair of angel wings....for saving the planet with your electric car,   ...your tiny carbon-footprint will simply be a VERY LARGE footprint,  produced by your friendly electric company.

With the average consumer spending about $2000 a year on gasoline, that money will simply be shifted from the gas the electric company. And the loss in transferable power from converting direct combustion to battery reserve...should take that average well beyond $6000  annually.  Considering the average monthly electric bill  is around $120,  estimates show that this will increase to $675!!  .  The average mortgage payment today is around $650 today, before taxes and insurance.

It's not free.  And it's not clean!  Combustion and greenhouse gases will be produced at record levels,  and crushing demand for electric  power will prompt lesser liability , oversight , and regulation of radiation filled nuclear power plants.

But it's okay.  Just keep smiling that smug  oblivious contentful grin as your clean-green electrical mind meanders while you plug-in that Prius!   Though you have not donned a pair of tights and a HAVE helped save the planet!   Or have you?  Before you leap off a building  and enter into cosmic sure to bring a parachute,  you little superman ya!