Wednesday, May 25, 2016


Transhumanism.  What is this innate need for humans to transcend themselves?  

 Having been raised in the religious sect, I sometimes think that ....if there is a God, or a "GrandMaster" of the universe who created us...... that it would only be natural through the course of evolution that we would tend to imitate Him, or gravitate toward His essence. God is a mathematician...and somehow we have found a way to break down the complex into simple binary code. God is a scientist...and we have just begun to understand and manipulate the complexities of DNA. God is "all knowing"...., and we created Google. In the "afterlife"...some religions believe that there will be a "communion" of spirits in Heaven...and that we will all meet again,...and so, we have created the internet. If we are the essence of God, perhaps we will always, even if unwittingly,...develop and evolute in manners akin to Him. But who the Hell knows !?  ;)