Friday, May 15, 2015

The Frog

                                                       The Frog

She knelt
a rock by the fall
Where a cool clear pool of water
temporarily strangled from it's natural
And she smiled, then giggled and
pulled her golden locks around the
side of her head

I watched her and listened, and smiled...
What, I wondered, did she see that
was, to her, so entertaining?

Perhaps it was a with
bulging eyes and freckled green skin. Did          
she imagine it was a prince?!

Or maybe a baby fish caught her eye. Did
she laugh when it circled the tiny pool
and then leaped to freedom in the stream?

I walked to the rock behind her,
and went unnoticed. It pleasured me to think
that soon I would share her fancy!

But I saw no frog, or fish
bubbling from the tiny pool.

Only the reflection of her face.

And the smile left me, as I turned
to walk away, Leaving her there
to relish in her selfish glory..