Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Just in case you found your neighbor's mail in your mailbox this mornin'......

Just in case you found your neighbor's mail in your mailbox this morning'....

I absolutely love the post office,... it's hard working dedicated staff,... economical prices, ...efficient processing ...and fast delivery service!
 Friendly mailman is missing a few teeth, but always lends an ear to my life's problems. He only laughed with hardly any cursing when he stepped on a land mine in my front yard. ( pile of doggy -do-doo) . Although 750 people have asked him about the weather today, he still somehow comes up with a witty reply and beams that endearing toothless smile.!  :-)
 " You can keep the bills!". , I tell him. ....and he laughs like he's never heard that one before!
"Checks, I only want checks!"....and he laughs again, joking that "he will take care of the gift cards!". Ahahahaha...he is such a joker!     Gotta love 'im! !!

Every once in a while, he will personally sponsor a neighborhood "meet-and-greet", purposely delivering the whole block's mail to one box. A little minion of President Obama, practicing his community organizer skills!

His bosses must treat him really well, because it is reflected in the way he treats his customers. Cudo's to whoever is at the top of this priceless organization.!! We used to kid around that it was run by the mob! But no mob boss could keep'em smiling' like our happy, happy, dear toothless ever helpful, wonderful mailman!

I absolutely love the mail service, and just know it will be around for an eternity! That's why they made those "Forever" stamps , after all! 

When I reach the Pearly Gates, or the Fiery Pit....I just know there will be a package waiting for me there delivered by the United States Postal Service!!! And inside...inside will be some white-feathered wings, ...or a shovel and some well sharpened tines!    Even if I don't know the zip code!   Thank you...thank you...thank you U.S.P.S.!!!