Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election Results In! Verified!! Santa new Prez in 2013!

      He finally did it!   In a presidential race that proved closer than any in history....the results are final.  It seems that in an unlikely turn of events,  and a vain attempt to prove  machismo... both Mitt Romney aund Barack Obama  lost to Donald Trump in a spontaneous arm wrestling match in a small Irish pub in South Jersey. The stakes:   Drop out of the race if you lose.  If you win....well, you are not a wimp!
       Little did they know that under Donalds pale pencil pushing white arms, was millions of dollars worth of the best steroid technology known to man and Lance Armstrong. Both of them were pinned by Trump in seconds. Game Over!
     The third most votes went to, of course, SANTA CLAUS!   Disgruntled and apathetic voters finally got their wish.   What a day for history!
     No comment from Santa yet,  but we should expect a few words from him after his his annual sleighride around the world.    Can't wait to see what is left in his magical sack!
      Coming in behind Santa:
                                                  #2   Chuck Norris
                                                  #3   Mickey Mouse
                                                  #4  Chef Boy-ar-dee
                                                  #5  Tupok
                                                  #6 Easter Bunny
                                                  #7  Tooth Fairy
                                                  #8 Elvis
                                                  # 9  William Shatner
                                                 #10 Will Ferrell

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